2020 Beijing International Health and Epidemic Prevention Life and Health Industry Expo

Recently, the China International Chamber of Commerce, China United Nations Procurement Promotion Association, United Nations World Health Organization, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Children’s Fund, Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum Conference, etc. Held at the China International Exhibition Center (Jing’anzhuang Pavilion).

Event theme: Helping the global fight against the epidemic, we are acting to make trade without borders. 

At present,will be coronavirus is still rapidly spread in the world,the international community will face more severe difficulties and challenges for the implementation of the party central committee under the State Council destiny tight around the world are linked together,the human in the same boat to the call of destiny community,effective response to the outbreak ,over come the epidemic as soon as possible the maintenance of world people’s health and safety ,promote the development of the world economic recovery ,share the wisdom of the fight against the disease in China experience method ,gives the world outbreak can help,continue to lend a helping hand to the

Internationa lcommunity supplies supply epidemic API green health technology products,power

Resistance to disease around the world.

During the exhibition, Manager Qin of Hangzhou Testsea Biotechnology CO.,LTD. introduced the products exhibited by our company to the United Nations World Health Organization.

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The products exhibited by TESTSEALABS at this exhibition include: COVID-19 antigen test cassette, COVID-19 IgG IgM test Cassette,FLU A+B  COVID-19 Antigen Combo Test,SARS-CoV-2 Real-time RT-PCR Detection Kit

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