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R&D Team

Our researchers were responsible for new product and technology development including product improvement.

The R&D Project consists of Immunological diagnosis, biological diagnosis, molecular diagnosis, other in vitro diagnosis . They are trying to increase the quality, sensitivity and specificity of the products and to satisfy customer’s need.

  • Immunology Diagnostic

    Immunology Diagnostic

  • biochemical diagnostic

    biochemical diagnostic

  • Molecular diagnostic

    Molecular diagnostic

  • new product development

    new product development

Production Team

The company has a business area of more than 56,000 square metres, including a GMP 100,000 class purification workshop of 8,000 square metres, all operating in strict accordance with ISO13485 and ISO9001 quality management systems.

The fully automated assembly line production mode, with real-time inspection of multiple processes, ensures stable product quality and further increases production capacity and efficiency.

  • 00Solution Preparing
  • 02spraying
  • 04Conjugation
  • 06Cutting & L amination
  • 08Assembling
  • 010warehousing
  • 00Solution Preparing
    Solution Preparing
  • 02spraying
  • 04Conjugation
  • 06Cutting & L amination
    Cutting & L amination
  • 08Assembling
  • 010warehousing

Oversea sales

  • 2000+
  • 100+
  • 50+
    registrated countries

packaging& transportation


Why choose us

  • Testsea has always put quality at the first place with strict quality control system
  • Testsea has completed Pro- duction R & D System with Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University
  • CE&TGA&ISO 9001&ISO13485 certificates
  • Testsea has successful product portfolio:8 series of products with 1000+ varieties
  • Factory direct supply Professional manufacturer
  • 2000+ global clients
  • OEM,ODM and Custom- ized is available
  • Quick and professionat after sales service

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