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Founded in 2015 with the pursuit “serving society, health world”focusing on the R&D , production , development , sales and service of In Vitro diagnostic products and veterinary products.

Creating and mastering core innovative technologies for raw materials and relying on years of continuous R&D investment and reasonable layout, testsea has built immunological detection platform, molecular biology detection platform, protein core sheet inspection platform , and biological raw material

Based on the above technology platforms, Testsea has developed the product lines to the rapid identification of corona virus disease, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, tumor, infectious diseases, drug abuse, pregnancy, etc. Our products are widely used in the rapid diagnosis and effective treatment monitoring of critical and severe diseases, maternal and children healthcare drug detection, alcohol testing, and other fields and sales have covered more than 100 countries and regions across the world .

Hangzhou Testsea Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

A biomedical technology enterprise focusing on medical in vitro diagnostic products.

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Completed Production R&D SystemCompleted Production R&D System

The company now has a complete set of R & D, production equipment and purification
workshop for in vitro diagnostic instruments I reagents I raw materials for POCT, biochemistry,immunity and molecular diagnosis

Annual Production CapacityAnnual Production Capacity

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    3000 mllion
    Diagnostic kits
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    56000 m2
    IVD reagent production base
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    5000 m2
    Public Experimental Platform
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    50 %
    Bachelor degree or above
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新建项目 (28)
  • 2015Founded

    In  2015,  hangzhou testsea biotechnology co.,ltd was established by the founder of company with expert team from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University.

  • 2019Expedition to international market

    In 2019 , setting up a foreign trade sales team to develop overseas markets

    A big Action

    After several years of technical development, launch a variety of competitive products, such as Veterinary rapid test kits test kits , Swin fever detection test .

  • 2020Leader in completing the research, development, production and sales of Sars-Cov-2 detection

    With the outbreak of the corona virus epidemic at the end of 2019, our company and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences rapidly developed and launched COVID-19 Test,and obtain free sale certification and many countries approval, speed up the COVID-19 Control.

  • 2021Covid-19 antigen test registration approval from many countries

    TESTSEALABS COVID-19 antigen test products obtained EU CE certification, German PEI&BfArm List, Australia TGA, UK MHRA, Thailand FDA, ect

    Move to New factory-56000㎡

    In order to satisfy company’s increasing production capacity needs, new factories with 56000㎡ was completed, then annual production capacity has increased hundreds of times.

  • 2022Achieved cumulative sales of over 1 billion

    Team efficient cooperation , achieve first 1 billion sales value.


With stronger team cooperation capacity and relentless efforts , Testsea has already got more than 50 authorized patents, 30+registered in overseas countries.



Quality Certification

  • Georgia Registration
    Georgia Registration
  • Australia TGA Cetificate
    Australia TGA Cetificate
  • CE 1011 Certificate
    CE 1011 Certificate
  • CE 1434 Certificate
    CE 1434 Certificate
  • ISO13485 Certificate
    ISO13485 Certificate
  • United Kingdom MHRA
    United Kingdom MHRA
  • Philippine FDA Certificate
    Philippine FDA Certificate
  • Russia Certificate
    Russia Certificate
  • Thailand FDA Certificate
    Thailand FDA Certificate
  • Ukraine Medcert
    Ukraine Medcert
  • Spain AEMPS
    Spain AEMPS
  • ISO9001 Certificate
    ISO9001 Certificate
  • Czech Registration
    Czech Registration
  • ISO13485 Certificate
    ISO13485 Certificate



Mission & Core Values


With the vision of “Serving Society, Healthy World”, we are committed to contribute to human health by providing quality diagnostic products and promoting the accurate diagnosis of diseases for all human beings.

“Integrity, quality and responsibility” is the philosophy we are pursuing, and Testsea strives to develop into an innovative, caring company that respects society and the environment, makes its employees proud and gains the long-term trust of its partner.

Prompt, fast, sensitive and accurate, Testsea Biologicals is here to help you with your diagnostic testing.


Innovation for New Technology

Testsea is challenging new technology development with innovative efforts to realize all possibilities. We are constantly researching and developing products that are more effective, with free and creative thinking, and a fast and flexible organizational culture to accommodate them.

Think Human First

Innovative products from Testsea start with a struggle to make people’s lives healthier and more enriching. People in many countries are concerned about what products they need most and are committed to product development that will benefit their lives.

Responsibility to Society

Testsea has a social responsibility to make high quality products that enable people and animals to live a healthy life through early diagnosis. We will continue to devote ourselves through continuous efforts to give stable returns to investors.


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