Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Cycler

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The instrument is mainly composed of control system, power

supply system, photoelectric system, module components, hot cover components, shell components and software.

► Small, light and portable.

► Powerful function, can be used for relative quantitative, absolute quantitative, negative and positive analysis, etc.

► Melting curve detection;

► 4-channel fluorescence detection in one sample tube;

► 6*8 reaction module, compatible with 8-row tube and single tube.

► Marlow high quality Peltier with temperature control mode combined with German high end PT1000 temperature sensor and electrical resistance heating compensation edge.

► Simple and intuitive software guide, start PCR experiment easily.

This product is based on fluorescence quantitative PCR technology, which can be used together with the supporting nucleic acid detection reagent in clinical practice to conduct quantitative and qualitative detection of

nucleic acid samples from human body (DNA/RNA) or target nucleic acid in analy taken from samples to be tested, including the source of diseases and other items.

Laboratory personnel need to be specially trained in PCR laboratory technology, instrument and software

operation, and be skilled in relevant operation skills.

Basic performance

Overall dimensions




Power supply

Communication interface



Operating environment parameters

Environment temperature


Relative humidity


Transportation and storage temperature


Transport and storage relative humidity


PCR system performance

Sample size


Sample volume


Apply consumables

200μl PCR tube、8*200μl PCR tube

Temperature control range


Temperature accuracy


Temperature uniformity



Semiconductor mode

Hot cover

Electric heat cover

Fluorescence detection system performance

Light source

High brightness LED



Excitation and detection of propagation media

High temperature resistant professional fiber

Linear range of samples


Sample linearity


Sample testing repeatability

Excitation wavelength


Channel 1: 470nm±10nm

Channel 2: 525nm±10nm

Channel 3: 570nm±10nm

Channel 4: 620nm±10nm

Detection wavelength

Channel 1: 525nm±10nm

Channel 2: 570nm±10nm

Channel 3: 620nm±10nm

Channel 4: 670nm±10nm


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